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Cambridge Personal Trainer - Matt Parsons


Cambridge Personal Trainer - Matt Parsons, Testimonial 1

Darby - I competed as an NCAA Division I swimmer in the United States as well as competed on my university triathlon team in two national championships. I can’t recommend Matt as a personal trainer enough, his supportive and positive attitude make personal training sessions a joy to do - even when he’s pushing you to the limit with a new workout.

Andrew - I am a physiotherapist who specialises in Sports Injuries. Having spent time with Matt and haad several training sessions with him I would certainly recommend him to any of my patients.

Cambridge Personal Trainer- Matt Parsons, Testimonial 2

Cambridge Personal Trainer - Matt Parsons, Testimonial 3

Emilia - Matt is both knowledgeable and professional but is also fun, friendly and hugely encouraging. He will push you to work your hardest while at the same time make training really enjoyable – time and sweat fly in his company! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to make the most of their time in the gym.

Shon - Working with Matt has been great. His programme is exactly what I need - building stability, strength, endurance and giving me exercises to strengthen my lower back. The variation keeps things interesting and my fitness levels have shot up. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Cambridge Personal Trainer - Matt Parsons, Testimonial 4

Cambridge Personal Trainer - Matt Parsons - Testimonial 5

Steve - I've worked with Matt for the last 3 months and have been really delighted with the results and really enjoyed the sessions. Matt is very easy to work with, although that doesn't mean he's not demanding because he certainly is, but he's also encouraging so you can't help putting in that extra bit of effort - which really pays off.

Sir Eli -As one of Matt’s older beneficiaries (aged 84) he has proven himself a very capable and effective trainer. He is very encouraging and generous with praise and is scrupulously reliable. I have no hesitation in commending him most highly.

Cambridge Personal Trainer - Matt Parsons, Testimonial 6

Cambridge Personal Trainer - Matt Parsons, Testimonial 8

Barry - My son, Chris, has been rugby mad since he was 7 - playing at Shelford. He is now part of the Eastern Counties U16 set up as a prop. We signed up to have 2 sessions a week with Matt over the summer of 2012, with the objective of a major improvement in his core strength and stamina. I am pleased to say that all that hard work has paid off and Chris has made that big step - he can keep going for so much longer now, and has the strength to be in charge of any ruck or maul he is involved in.

Eleanor - Matt you are fab - always cheerful and approachable and I think you have 'managed' me expertly - I now believe I can and am even beginning to enjoy pushing myself a little.

I certainly never expected to be in the situation where going to the gym was a pleasure - but it is.

The difference is noticeable in a variety of ways - my breathing is better and my endurance has been expanded. I'm feeling the cold less, I can lift, pull, push, etc. MUCH larger weights than I thought would be possible, and although the scales have stayed roughly where they started (down possibly 3kg); my body is changing shape (Size 8? Really? Me?).

Caoihme - I recently got involved with Matt to help me attain my goals of playing rugby internationally for Ireland in the Women's 6 Nations. From the start I found him to be extremely encouraging and receptive to the fact that I expected to be pushed to elite athlete level, something that he is extremely capable of doing. I know some of his other clients, and I am very impressed with how he tailors his sessions and motivation to the exact requirement of the client. Unfortunately, I have sustained a serious injury in pre-season, which really showed Matt's versatility in designing sessions to try and keep me on track with goals without actually being able to use my right leg! I look forward to continuing my work with Matt, and his advice and motivation pushing me through my rehab.